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What is boat insurance?

Operating any type of boat comes with substantial responsibility, but even the most responsible boat owners can have things go wrong. Should things go terribly wrong on the water, boat insurance may provide boaters in not just our state of Massachusetts, but all other states, with financial protection.

Boat insurance is tailored for protecting against many of the risks that are inherent with boating. Policies may cover boats, boat owners and others, and they’re available for most watercraft.

Who needs to carry watercraft insurance?

Watercraft insurance is broadly recommended for most boat owners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida and New York. A single on-water accident, drowning incident or theft could be financially devastating without insurance.

Boaters who have financed their watercraft may be required to carry coverages that insure against damage to the watercraft. Lenders often include such a requirement so that the collateral used for the loan is protected.

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Boat Insurance Massachusetts

What are the coverages included in watercraft insurance?

Watercraft policies typically have multiple coverages so that they can better protect against the varied risks that come with boating.

Some of the coverages mimic those commonly found in auto policies. For example, boat policies frequently offer:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Usually covers non-collision damage to the covered boat.

  • Collision Coverage: Usually covers collision damage to the boat (i.e. involving at least one other vessel).
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Usually covers medical expenses for those onboard who sustain injuries.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Usually covers medical and ancillary expenses for those who sustain injuries or drown. 
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Usually covers damage to other boats, docks and property.

Other Coverages

Other coverages are more particular to boat policies. Some examples are:

  • Coverage that extends to launching, docking and mooring a boat
  • Coverage for recovering a boat should it sink
  • Coverage for fishing equipment and sports gear on the boat
  • Coverage for life preservers, throw rings, flares and other safety gear 
  • Coverage for depth finders, e-charts, radar equipment and other electronics



Boat Insurance Massachusetts

Do boat owners inside and outside of Massachusetts with small watercrafts need insurance?

Sometimes boaters are hesitant to get insurance if they have only a smaller and relatively inexpensive boat. Even small boats can have huge financial costs if things go terribly wrong, however. Consider how much the financial costs of the following incidents could be:

  • A night-time boating accident results in serious injuries to multiple people
  • A child without a PFD falls overboard and drowns
  • A boat that sinks lands directly next to an underwater power line it could damage

These sorts of incidents can be financially costly regardless of how much a boat is worth. Therefore, at least liability coverage is recommended regardless of a boat’s size. 

It may indeed be possible to forgo property coverage for smaller and inexpensive boats that are fully paid for, though. An insurance agent who specializes in boat policies can help boaters assess their risk exposure, and choose coverages accordingly.

Is boating covered by homeowners insurance?

Whether homeowners insurance covers boating activity depends on the policy and the boating. Coverage should be thought of in terms of liability protection and property protection.

The liability coverage found in many homeowners insurance policies may extend to small and simple watercraft. It’s often not necessary to purchase separate boat coverage for watercraft such as kayaks, small canoes and even some smaller sailing dinghies.

Some homeowners policies even extend their liability protection to small and low-hp powerboats. Boats under a certain length and with engines under a certain horsepower may be covered for liability. The length and horsepower requirements depend on the policy.

The same is often true for protecting a boat. Small and inexpensive boats may be included within a homeowner’s personal property coverage, but more sizeable or just slightly valuable boats might not be.

Thus, whether a boat policy is needed depends a lot on the type of boat used. Boaters might indeed insure their watercraft through a homeowners policy, if they use a smaller boat that’s inexpensive and has a low-powered engine (or no engine). Boaters with watercraft that are even slightly larger, more powerful or more valuable likely do need a boat policy for liability and/or property protection of the boat.

An insurance agent who understands the coverage needs that boats pose can check whether a separate boat policy is needed for a specific watercraft.

Boat Insurance Massachusetts
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How can boaters in Massachusetts, and other states, get boat insurance?

If you need help insuring a boat that’s in Massachusetts,or other states, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will work closely with you to find a boat insurance solution that’ll have you protected well when on the water.

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