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What is general liability insurance?

Almost every business is exposed to certain common risks. Clients slipping in parking lots, vendors tripping in storage areas, competitors suing for defamation, and customers suing for false advertising aren’t limited to any one or two industries. These are risks that most businesses in Massachusetts should consider getting general liability insurance for.

General liability insurance provides a line of defense against common risks, such as slip-and-fall injuries and defamation suits. It may cover lawyer fees, court fees and settlements for any claims.

Which businesses need to carry general liability insurance coverage?

Almost all businesses in Massachusetts should consider general liability insurance coverage. This is one insurance that’s often beneficial to businesses regardless of industry or size.

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General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What does general liability insurance coverage include?

General liability insurance coverage can be made up of several distinct protections, which are themselves liability coverages. These protections may include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Normally covers slip-fall and similar accidents that result in third-party injury. Third-party injury might include customers, clients, vendors and others who don’t work for the business. Coverage might apply to a business’s property and/or other locations.

  • Premises Liability Coverage: Normally covers slip-fall and similar accidents that result in third-party injury, but is usually limited to a business’s location.
  • Property Damage Coverage: Normally covers accidents that result in damage to a third party’s property. Coverage might apply to a business’s premises and other locations.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage: Normally covers claims arising from injurious advertising, and certain other instances of libel, slander or misinformation.

An insurance agent specializing in general liability can go over each of these protections, and any others that a policy offers, in greater detail.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

Does general liability cover car accidents?

General liability policies typically exclude car accidents from their protections. For car accidents, businesses usually need some kind of commercial auto coverage.

When both general liability and commercial auto are needed, they can likely be combined in a package policy.

Does general liability cover slip-and-fall accidents if the person is intoxicated?

Although general liability covers many slip-and-fall type injuries, any that involve an intoxicated customer are often excluded. Businesses that need coverage for intoxicated customers injuring themselves should probably have liquor liability insurance, in addition to general liability.

Liquor liability normally covers accidents if the person is intoxicated, and several other incidents involving intoxicated customers. Liquor liability may also be combined with general liability in a package policy.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

Do businesses need a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance (COI) can be used to show that a business has insurance, usually something like general liability insurance coverage. 

Businesses sometimes need prove they have insurance before getting a major contract. For example, contractors might need a COI before bidding on commercial projects. Vendors might need a COI before selling at a fair or festival.

If one is needed, obtaining a COI is easy. Insurance companies regularly issue them, and an insurance agent can help businesses get one. It’s good to leave at least a business day for getting the document, but often a COI can be obtained on the same day if necessary.

Is general liability mandated by law?

A few businesses might be required by federal or state law to carry general liability, but this only applies to certain businesses. Many businesses aren’t required by law to carry the insurance. 

General liability is still widely recommended regardless of whether it’s required by law, however. Not having the insurance can lead to devastating financial costs if there’s a basic accident.

What is an “additional insured” on a general liability policy?

Many general liability policies can list “additional insureds.” These are distinct entities, usually other businesses or organizations, that might file a claim against the policy.

Businesses might have to list an additional insured for certain contracts or opportunities. Like a COI, an additional insured is easy to take care of and something an agent can assist with.

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Where can businesses in Massachusetts and other states, find general liability insurance?

If you need general liability insurance for a business in Massachusetts, or others states, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will work closely with you to find a general liability policy that will protect your business well.

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