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What is restaurant insurance?

Owning a restaurant requires significant investment of both time and finances, and it’s important to protect those investments when possible. Restaurant insurance may help restaurant owners in Massachusetts financially shield their businesses from a range of risks.

Restaurant insurance offers customizable coverages for sit-down dining establishments. Policies typically offer a variety of property and liability coverages that can be chosen.

What Massachusetts dining establishments are restaurant policies for?

Restaurant policies are generally for Massachusetts restaurants that offer sit-down dining, either solely or in addition to take-out. Most eateries should have this type of policy. Some examples of the sorts of restaurants that get these policies are:

  • Fine dining establishments, seafood restaurants, and steakhouses
  • Casual restaurants, family-friendly restaurants, diners, and buffets
  • Pizzerias, fast food businesses, and fast-casual eateries
  • Bistros, cafes, coffee shops, and and teahouses
  • Vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Food services businesses that don’t serve in a sit-down setting may want to explore other policy options. Caterers and food trucks usually are better off with slightly different policies that are more tailored to their specific needs, for example.

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Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

What property insurance protections should restaurants get?

The specific coverage needs of restaurants depend on their situation, which an insurance agent who understands food service policies can help evaluate. In general, restaurants might want a variety of property protections that insure their assets:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Normally insures a restaurant’s physical premises, including a building and any outdoor structures (e.g. patio, deck, parking area, etc.).

  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Normally insures items kept at a restaurant’s premises, such as appliances, cookware, tableware, computers, furniture, and decor.
  • Tenant’s Betterment Coverage: Normally insures improvements a restaurant has made to its space when leasing, including the build-outs of FOH and BOH areas.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: Normally insures against food spoilage losses that occur due to specific events, like power outages or fires.

What restaurant liability insurance protections should restaurants get?

While the specific restaurant liability insurance protections a restaurant should have can vary, there are several important ones to consider. Some of the more common restaurant liability insurance protections include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might protect against common accidents involving customers or vendors, like slip and fall accidents, that occur on a restaurant’s premises. Usually also covers defamation and false advertising.

  • Liquor Liability Coverage: Might protect in situations involving intoxicated customers, like physical altercations, sexual assaults, DUIS, alcohol poisonings, and similar instances involving drunk customers.

  • Product Liability Coverage: Might protect if a customer becomes ill from improperly prepared food or drinks. Usually also protects against choking and other harm resulting from food a restaurant serves.

  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: Might give additional protection when a legal claim exceeds the limits of another restaurant liability insurance protection.

In the event of a valid claim, restaurant liability insurance coverages typically pay legal costs and any covered settlement.

Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

Do restaurants need special insurance when hosting private events?

Restaurants that regularly host private fundraisers, rehearsal dinners, corporate parties, and other events should work with an insurance agent who understands the coverage needs of restaurants well. 

Coverage for such events is readily available, but some policies might offer limited protection. A knowledgeable agent can confirm that a chosen restaurant policy provides coverage when hosting private gatherings like these.

How much does it cost to insure a restaurant?

The cost of insuring a restaurant varies depending on factors like location, size, menu offerings, and sales volume. An independent insurance agent can help restaurants check quotes from several insurers, to see how much a policy will cost.

Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts
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Where can Massachusetts restaurants find restaurant insurance?

For help insuring a restaurant that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will make sure you find a restaurant insurance policy that’ll protect your business well.

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