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What is EPLI Insurance? 

Hiring employees presents certain risks. Massachusetts businesses usually need workers compensation insurance to help protect against injuries that employees might suffer. Businesses usually need EPLI insurance to help protect against discrimination claims employees might file.

EPLI insurance provides specialized coverage for businesses that employ workers. Policies may help shield against lawsuits arising from discrimination and other employment-related claims.

Which businesses in Massachusetts should consider employment practices liability insurance?

Almost every Massachusetts business employing workers can benefit from employment practices liability insurance. Any employee might make an allegation that could be expensive without insurance.

Because any employee might allege discrimination or something else, businesses may want this insurance if they have just one worker. Some businesses get coverage even before officially onboarding their first employee, as job applicants could also allege discrimination.

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EPLI Insurance Massachusetts

What types of claims do employment practices liability policies cover?

Employment practices liability policies typically offer protection against accusations of discrimination and some other claims that employees might bring forth. Specific coverage can vary, but covered situations could include ones like the following:

  • Unpaid interns were required to do work for which they should have been paid
  • Female workers are paid less than male workers with comparable qualifications

  • Applicants are asked about immigration or pregnancy during job interviews
  • Applicants aren’t informed that background checks will be run on them

  • LGPTQ+ workers aren’t afforded the same advancement opportunities as others

  • Workers find that the overall work environment is hostile

When there’s a covered claim or lawsuit, employment practices liability policies typically help cover attorney fees, court fees and any resulting settlement.

EPLI Insurance Massachusetts

Do employment practices liability policies extend to claims filed by volunteers? 

Nonprofits that have volunteer workforces are sometimes exposed to similar risks as what employers face. Volunteers might claim they’re discriminated against because of race, gender or another protected trait. Even if volunteer-filed claims are less common, they might not be any less expensive if a nonprofit ever faces one.

Select employment practices liability policies may extend coverage to claims made by volunteers, but not all policies offer such an option. Nonprofits that need coverage for volunteer-filed allegations should work with an insurance agent who knows EPLI well to find coverage.

Is employment discrimination covered by general liability insurance? 

General liability insurance mainly covers third-party injuries, third-party property damage, defamation and false advertising. While exact terms can vary slightly among general liability policies, these normally don’t cover liability risks associated with employing workers.

For protection against employment discrimination, businesses usually need to have employment practices liability insurance. The two liability insurances can often be bundled together.

EPLI Insurance Massachusetts

Do EPLI policies address claims of discrimination made by customers or clients?

Although it’s relatively uncommon, customers or vendors too might claim they were discriminated against. 

Coverage for such claims is far from standard in EPLI policies, but a few might offer it as an option. Businesses that are concerned about third-party discrimination should work with a knowledgeable insurance agent, to see what their coverage options are.

How much does employment practices liability insurance cost?

The premiums charged for employment practices liability insurance vary, as they’re calculated based on many factors. A business’s number of employees, industry, workplace policies and past claims history are just a few of the factors that can impact cost.

Businesses can find out how much their coverage will be by comparing quotes with an independent insurance agent.

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How can Massachusetts businesses get EPLI insurance? 

If you need help with EPLI insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our Massachusetts agents will work closely with you to find an EPLI policy that’ll protect your business from the potential employment liability risks it faces.

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