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What is plumbing insurance?

Plumbers invest a lot in their tools, vehicles and businesses, and that investment ought to be protected when possible. Plumbing insurance may help plumbers in Massachusetts shield their businesses from a host of risks.

Plumbing insurance is tailor-made for plumbers and their businesses. Policies typically have multiple coverages bundled together, which usually include both property and liability protections.

What businesses in Massachusetts is plumbers insurance right for?

Most businesses offering plumbing services in Massachusetts ought to have plumbers insurance. Not insuring can be financially devastating, and this tends to be the best option for plumbers. As a few examples, these policies are frequently purchased by:

  • Plumbers doing residential work
  • Plumbers doing commercial work
  • Self-employed plumbers
  • Small, local plumbing businesses
  • Large, multi-city plumbing businesses

When offering plumbing services along with HVAC service, electrical service or other work, a slightly broader insurance policy may be appropriate. An insurance agent who knows plumbing policies well can help multi-service contractors determine whether this or another insurance option would be best for them.

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Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

What insurance coverages are important for plumbers to have?

Plumbers generally need a variety of insurance coverages that can help protect against property risks and liability risks. The former are primarily risks associated with assets, such as building damage, equipment theft or fire. The latter are mainly risks arising from situations where a business might be at fault.

A few property protections that plumbers insurance policies often offer are:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Normally for a building or facility that a plumbing contractor owns.

  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Normally for plumbing tools, equipment and inventory that’s kept at a building or other facility.

  • Inland Marine Coverage: Normally for plumbing tools, equipment and inventory as the items are taken to/from customer locations.

  • Installation Floater Coverage: Normally for plumbing fixtures and supplies, from the time of purchase until installation.

  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Normally for vehicles owned by a plumbing business, typically providing physical and liability protection against accidents and other incidents.

A few liability protections that are often available include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Usually insures against commonplace accidents that could cause injury or property damage to a third party.

  • Errors and Omissions Coverage (E&O): Usually insures against errors that a plumber might make when giving advice to customers.

  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Usually provides a second layer of insurance against especially expensive liability lawsuits.

Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

Does a plumbing business policy include coverage for working with gas?

Working with natural gas or other gases presents unique risks, beyond what basic plumbing involves. Some plumbing policies have coverage options that cover working on gas pipes and appliances, but not all policies do.

Plumbers who offer gas repair, maintenance and installation services should be careful to get a plumbers policy that does cover this work. An insurance agent specializing in plumbing business insurance can help find a suitable policy.

Can one plumbing business policy cover both commercial and residential work?

Many plumbing business policies can be set up so they cover commercial and residential work. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help plumbers doing both types of work find a policy that covers both commercial and residential.

Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

What’s a COI, and why do plumbers need one?

Sometimes customers, especially commercial customers, may ask to see a certificate of insurance. A COI shows that a plumber has insurance, and thus reduces the risk of a customer being sued if something happens.

Should a customer ask to see a COI, this is something that an insurance agent should be able to source fairly quickly.

How much do plumbers pay for their insurance?

The premiums that plumbers pay for their insurance policies vary, depending on where they’re located, what services they offer (e.g. whether they do gas work), how large they are, and many other factors. In general, however, these policies are designed to be affordable.

An independent insurance agent can check exactly how much different insurance companies will charge in a particular situation.

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Where can plumbers in Massachusetts find plumbing insurance?

For help with plumbing insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will make sure you’re protected well.

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