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What is construction insurance?

Construction work of any type presents multiple risks. Facilities can burn down, vehicles can get in accidents, tools can be stolen, and plenty of things can go wrong on a job site. To protect against covered risks, contractors in Massachusetts can get construction insurance.

Construction insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance for contractors working construction. Policies may protect against a range of property and liability risks.

What Massachusetts contractors are construction policies for?

Most Massachusetts contractors in the construction sector should have a construction policy. This generally includes those doing residential or commercial construction, as well as other contractors. For instance, the following contractors might get one of these policies:

  • General contractors
  • Specializes contractors
  • New home builders
  • Renovators and remodelers
  • Heavy construction companies
  • Maine construction companies

Policies are purchased by everyone from individuals doing kitchen remodels, to commercial construction companies working on major buildings.

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Construction Insurance Massachusetts

What construction liability insurance protections should contractors have?

Construction liability insurance normally protects contractors in situations where they could be held financially liable for property damage or injury to another party, or at least when they could be sued for potentially being responsible. This portion of a construction policy is normally broken down into specific construction liability coverages, which may include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Generally for everyday accidents, like trips or slips, at facilities and job sites. Usually only covers accidents resulting in injury or property damage to third parties (e.g. customers, vendors, trespassers).

  • Professional Liability Coverage: Generally for errors in work completed, or bad advice given to customers. Usually covers errors that cause significant injury or property damage.

  • Employee Practices Liability Coverage: Generally for harassment or discrimination lawsuits, which may be filed by employees or subcontractors.

  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Generally affords additional commercial liability insurance, for cases where the limits of another construction liability insurance coverage are exceeded.

An insurance agent who specializes in construction policies can help contractors determine which construction liability insurance coverages they should look for in a policy.

Construction Insurance Massachusetts

What property insurance protections should contractors have?

Property insurance also is typically broken down into multiple coverages, which may protect specific assets or against specific risks. Some property coverages that contractors frequently get are:

  • Building Coverage: May insure contractor-owned facilities, storage buildings, offices and other structures.
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage: May insure improvements made to leased places for an office, showroom, storage building or other space.

  • Contents Coverage: May protect construction materials, tools and equipment while kept at a facility.

  • Inland Marine Coverage: May protect construction materials, tools and equipment while taken to and from construction sites.

  • Builders Risk Coverage: May protect construction materials, tools and equipment while kept at construction sites.

  • Mobile Equipment Coverage: May protect mobile, non-vehicle equipment like forklifts, excavators, backhoes and diggers.

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: May protect crucial construction equipment if it breaks down, often making payment for emergency repair expenses.

  • Extra Expense Coverage: May protect against additional expenses, such as renting alternative facilities, if a disaster renders current facilities unusable.

Do contractors need to have workers compensation?

Workers compensation may protect employees in the event that they suffer an injury while at work. In Massachusetts, businesses with employees are generally required to have workers’ compensation coverage. It’s not usually needed for subcontractors.

Since most contractors have at least some employees, this is usually a coverage that’s needed. It may be needed for crew employees (normally not subcontractors), foremen, administrative staff, and any other employees.

When getting workers compensation, contractors might find it within a construction policy or apart from one. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help determine which is the best way to get the coverage.

Construction Insurance Massachusetts

When do contractors need a construction bond?

Construction bonds are often sometimes required to secure larger projects. If one is required depends mostly on whether a customer requires it. Contractors needing bonds should consult with an insurance agent who’s familiar with construction policies, and other construction-related insurance products.

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Where can contractors find construction insurance?

If you need assistance finding construction insurance in Massachusetts, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. One of our experienced agents will help you find a policy that meets your business’s needs well.

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