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What is event insurance?

Running an event is a multifaceted affair, and it also comes with multiple risks. Event insurance can help organizers and sponsors of goings-on in Massachusetts protect themselves from a range of risks.

Event insurance provides tailored coverages for event sponsors and organizers. Policies are usually available for private or public events, and often range from a day to several weeks in duration.

What organizations in Massachusetts are event policies for?

Most organizations and people putting on events in Massachusetts can benefit from an event policy. Businesses, nonprofits, local governments, schools and even individual residents may get a policy.

Moreover, these policies are available for a wide array of events such as:

  • Company parties
  • Grand openings
  • Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals
  • Large private gatherings

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When do people need event coverage for a private gathering?

A policy normally isn’t needed for a typical birthday party or small get-together. If hosting a wedding, anniversary party, graduation party, large milestone birthday party, baby shower or other major event with lots of people, however, a policy might be recommended.

This shouldn’t be taken as a hard rule, but it might be wise to touch base with a knowledgeable insurance agent for any event that you’re hiring a professional caterer for. An agent who specializes in event policies will be able to help you quickly determine whether your planned festivities call for an event policy.

When an event policy is needed for a large private gathering, one-day event insurance may provide especially affordable coverage.

Event Insurance Massachusetts

What coverages should event hosts look for when choosing insurance?

  • General Liability Coverage: Normally covers everyday accidents occurring during an event, pre-event setup and post-event takedown. For example, might insure against someone slipping on black ice, tripping over an extension cord, falling off a stage, or similarly being hurt. Most policies also cover property damage occurring in similar incidents.

  • Product Liability Coverage: Normally covers injuries or property damages caused by products that are distributed or sold at the event. For example, might insure harm caused by drinks and foods, contest prizes, sold goods, swag and other items

  • Spectator Liability Coverage: Normally covers injuries sustained by attendees while watching activities at the event. May cover spectator injuries occurring during athletic competitions, live concerts, airshows, performances, or other public gatherings.

  • Liquor Liability Coverage: Normally covers incidents involving excessive alcohol consumption. May cover everyday accidents, fights, sexual and other assaults, and cases of alcohol poisoning.

  • Automobile Liability Coverage: Normally covers accidents related to vehicles used during the event. May cover buses or shuttles, security vehicles, delivery vans and trucks, and other vehicles. Often includes protection during the event, setup and takedown.

  • Medical Malpractice Coverage: Normally covers errors made by medical staff contracted specifically for the event. May cover EMTS, paramedics, nurses or physicians providing care.

When insuring activities like airshows or performances involving live animals, not all policies will provide the necessary coverage. An insurance agent who specializes in event policies should be able to check terms, and find a policy that does provide the necessary coverage.

Event Insurance Massachusetts

How much does it cost to insure an event lasting only one day?

One-day event insurance policies tend to have quite affordable premiums, although rates certainly can vary depending on the activities and other factors. An insurance agent who knows event policies well can assist with finding affordable one-day event insurance that still provides solid protection.

What’s an additional insured in an event policy?

An “additional insured” is generally a party added to a liability insurance policy, and usually allows them to file a claim against it despite not being the primary policyholder.

Event organizers sometimes need to list venues, major vendors, or other parties as additional insureds. This is something that an insurance agent can help with.

Event Insurance Massachusetts
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Where can event organizers get event insurance for goings-on in Massachusetts?

If you need to insure an event taking place in Massachusetts, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will work closely with you to find an event insurance policy that has the protections your event needs.

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