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What is contractors insurance?

Contractors are all too familiar with the risks that working in construction or the trades brings. From property theft to auto accidents, a myriad of things can happen that result in direct losses. Contractors insurance won’t prevent anything from happening, but it can help contractors in Massachusetts mitigate their losses in the event of a covered incident.

Contractors insurance gives construction businesses tailor-made coverages designed for their needs. Policies typically come with a mixture of property and liability coverages.

What types of Massachusetts businesses get contractors policies?

Contractors policies can help protect most businesses in the construction or trades. Almost all of these businesses should have a policy, as not insuring can be costly if something happens.

These policies are frequently used by many different people and businesses in the construction or trades. Some examples of who uses these policies include:

  • General contractors and subcontractors (independent contractors)
  • Residential developers and builders
  • Commercial developers and builders
  • Renovators and remodelers
  • Demolition crews
  • Marine construction specialists
  • Trade professionals (e.g. roofers, HVAC, plumbers, electricians)
  • Landscapers taking on large projects

While there are generally contractors policies available for all of these professions, not all contractors policies are suitable for all types of construction or trade work. An insurance agent specializing in contractors liability insurance and contractors property insurance can help find a policy that’s well-suited for a particular type of work.

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Contractors Insurance Massachusetts

What are important contractor liability insurance coverages for contractors?

Contractor liability insurance coverages normally protect in various situations where a contractor could be held financially liable for harm caused to another. There are a few of these coverages that contractors may want:

  • General Contractors Liability Insurance: Primarily protects against common accidents leading to third-party injuries or property damage, such as slip-and-fall accidents. Might cover accidents at contractor facilities or construction sites.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Primarily protects a contractor’s vehicles, offering both physical damage coverage and liability protection in the event of an accident or other covered event.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Primarily protects against large lawsuits and settlements that surpass the limits of another contractors liability insurance.

What are important property insurance coverages for contractors?

Property insurance coverages normally protect what a contractor owns, guarding against both damage and loss in most cases. Some property coverages that contractors may want include:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: Might protect structures, such as buildings and garages, owned by a contractor. Often also extends to equipment, tools, and materials in inventory.

  • Inland Marine Insurance: Might protect equipment, tools and materials while they’re being transported to, from and between construction sites.
  • Contractors Equipment Insurance: Might protect equipment, tools, and supplies located at a construction site.

  • Builders Risk Insurance: Might protect against specific risks associated with the construction process and materials, often covering completed work, equipment, tools and materials at a construction site.

  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Might protect against unexpected breakdowns of essential equipment, often covering emergency repair costs when breakdowns impede work.

Contractors Insurance Massachusetts

What sort of work are contractors policies able to cover?

Contractors policies are available for most work that contractors and trade professionals do. Policies are available for new construction, remodel, repair and renovation work.

Are contractors policies able to cover multiple projects or sites?

Yes, many contractors policies can be structured to cover multiple projects or sites simultaneously. This is something that an experienced insurance agent can assist with.

Contractors Insurance Massachusetts

Do general contractor policies include coverage for subcontractors?

Whether a general contractor policy extends coverage to subcontractors that are hired depends on the particulars of the policy. Some policies might have coverage for subs.

More often, subs can be added as “additional insureds” who can also make claims. It’s mainly up to the general contractor whether they want subs named as additional insureds.

If coverage is needed for subcontractors, this is something that an insurance agent specializing in general contractor liability insurance can take care of.

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How can general professionals in Massachusetts get contractors insurance?

If you’re in construction or the trades, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency for help with insurance. Our team of Massachusetts agents will make sure you find contractors insurance that’ll protect you and your business well.

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