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What is mobile home insurance?

It’s important to protect a home regardless of how it’s constructed, but different homes need different types of insurance policies. For Massachusetts residents who have mobile homes, mobile home insurance generally offers the right combination of protections.

Mobile home insurance offers tailored coverages for manufactured and mobile homes. These policies’ terms are adapted to account for the different construction methods and materials used.

Who in Massachusetts needs to have manufactured home insurance?

Most owners of manufactured homes or mobile homes in Massachusetts should have manufactured home insurance. Policies may insure single-wides, double-wides, factory-built homes and others.

Not insurance is almost never recommended, as it leaves an owner without protection if something happens to (or in) a home. Additionally, many lenders and communities require that owners have certain coverages in place.

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Mobile Home Insurance Massachusetts

What insurance coverages are important for owners of manufactured homes to have?

The specific insurance coverage needs of any homeowner depend on their dwelling and their situation. Nonetheless, there are several coverages that many residents who have manufactured homes often should have:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Usually protects the mobile or manufactured home itself, covering damage from various perils.

  • Personal Property Coverage: Usually protects belongings within the mobile home or on the property, covering damage or loss.

  • Loss of Use Coverage: Usually pays for certain additional living expenses if the mobile home becomes unsafe due to a covered event.

  • Personal Liability Coverage: Usually protects against various types of liability lawsuits that could be filed against the owner or their family.

Mobile Home Insurance Massachusetts

Are floods covered by manufactured home insurance?

Most manufactured home policies don’t cover flood damage, which is consistent with other types of standard homeowners policies. Homeowners insurance at large usually doesn’t protect against floods. 

Separate flood insurance, available through the National Flood Insurance Program or private insurers, might be needed if flooding is a significant risk. An insurance agent who’s familiar with manufactured home policies should be able to also assist with finding flood insurance.

What’s the difference between closed perils and open perils policies?

Manufactured home insurance can be underwritten as either a closed perils or open perils policy. 

Closed perils policies normally insure against only those perils that are listed, which could include theft, fire, vandalism, wind and other specified risks. Open perils policies normally insure against any risks that aren’t listed as excluded by the policy.

In most cases, open perils policies offer protection against a broader array of risks. An insurance agent who specializes in manufactured home insurance can check what perils a particular policy would likely cover.

What does HO-7 mean on a manufactured home policy?

HO-7 is the industry abbreviation most often used for mobile home policies. This designation generally indicates that the policy is specifically designed for mobile or manufactured homes. 

Other common HO-X abbreviations, primarily HO-1 through HO-8, refer to different types of homeowners, renters or condominium insurance policies.

Mobile Home Insurance Massachusetts

Are manufactured home and mobile home policies actually different?

The terms “mobile home policies” and “manufactured housing policies” are often used interchangeably in insurance. 

There’s a technical difference per HUD classification. The department calls homes built before June 15, 1976 mobile homes, and those built after this date manufactured homes.

For the purposes of insurance, however, HO-7 policies are frequently used to insure these homes regardless of when they were constructed. The chosen coverages might be adjusted for a home’s age, but the underlying policy is largely the same.

How much are the premiums for insuring a manufactured home?

The cost of insuring a manufactured home can vary, depending on factors like the home’s age, construction method, square footage, and location. These policies tend to have lower premiums than traditional single-family home insurance, though.

An independent insurance agent can provide specific cost estimates, by comparing quotes from several insurers that offer manufactured home insurance.

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How can owners of manufactured homes in Massachusetts get mobile home insurance?

For assistance with insuring a manufactured or mobile home that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Coonan Insurance Agency. Our agents will work closely with you, to find the mobile home insurance policy that’s right for your home.

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